Space Damsels - Mission 7: "Space Station Scramble Part Three: the Enemy Unbound"

All bad things must come to an end: at least, Captain Rui Lycae of the HMS Dancing Damsel hopes so! During the course of the past day, she’s been forced to rub her sinister superior’s wiggling toes, slammed face-first on a sweaty gym mat beneath her coworker’s foot, and seemingly abandoned by her trusted crew. Things are more than they seem, however, as an uncontrollable cacophony of laughter reverberates off her spaceship’s metal walls… The baddies are in control of their captives, and they exercise their authority with ruthless, ticklish implements and unforgiving fingertips! Will Rui be bound up like the rest? What fate awaits the Space Damsels in the thrilling conclusion to the Space Station Scramble Saga: Part Three: the Enemy Unbound, now playing in a solar system near you!


Space Damsels 07

Length: 15 pages

Format: color pages

Starring: Rui, Ayumi, Yuki, Elvina, , Aja, Uropa, Rika, Ruki, Ruka, Jenla, Fuyu, Trizole.

Scriptwriters: Loz/Goldlust
Pencils/inks/colors: LostOneZero
Edits: Goldlust


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