Space Damsels - Mission 6: "Space Station Scramble Part Two: the Enemy Unrelenting"

Your ringside seats are available for the latest smackdown at Starcology Zangara! Each crew-woman of the HMS Dancing Damsel has her own ideas about how to spend their star station shore-leave, and Weapons Specialist Ayumi Senzan is no different in this regard. While some might prefer to kick their feet up and enjoy a relaxing massage, Ayumi finds it most relaxing to hit the ring for a grueling session of ankle-locks and spinning toe-holds! What wrestling match would be complete, however, without an unexpected run-in? While Ayumi is lacing up her wrestling boots, Rui is taking them off for an unexpected sparring session with an old friend. Catch all the action in the second thrilling installment of the Space Station Scramble story arc, on-sale now!

Space Damsels 06

Length: 15 pages

Format: color pages

Starring: Rui, Ayumi, Yuki, Elvina, Serena, Jang-sheen, Fuyu, Aja, Rika, Ruki, Ruka, Jenla, Tatyana.

Scriptwriters: Loz/Goldlust
Pencils/inks/colors: LostOneZero
Edits: Goldlust


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