Space Damsels - Mission 5: "Space Station Scramble Part One: the Enemy Undiscovered"

No matter how you slice it, paperwork isn’t a peril: it’s a hassle; it’s a formality. The Space Damsels find their task considerably less tedious, however, when that paperwork is to be submitted in person at the Intergalactic Enforcement Agency regional office in Starcology Zangara, a hologram-horizoned, pyramid-shaped testament to the fusion of industry and technology! An intergalactic enforcer is always on-duty, though, even when she’s off-duty, and a sinister snickering can be heard just below the star-station’s all-too innocent surface. Can the Space Damsels recognize the danger confronting them before its fingertips are at their toe-tips? Find out in the first part of a three-issue epic, the Enemy Undiscovered, on-sale now!

Space Damsels 05

Length: 15 pages

Format: color pages

Starring: Rui, Ayumi, Yuki, Elvina, Serena, Jang-sheen, Fuyu, Aja?

Scriptwriters: Loz/Goldlust
Pencils/inks/colors: LostOneZero
Edits: Goldlust


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