Space Damsels - Mission 4: "Huntress"


It seems Rui, Yuki, and Ayumi have time enough to grab a breath of fresh, jungle air before unleashing it in a peal of laughter! After long months of being cooped up in the HMS Dancing Damsel, the Intergalactic Enforcers respond to a distress call from Queen Natalia of the Cat-Girl Amazons, whose subjects keep disappearing, one by one. The tropical heat gives way to tropical storms, and Ayumi may share a past with the mysterious huntress… Can the Damsels brave lightning, thunder, and the shadowy jungle, or will their soft soles feel the fingertips of the fearsome huntress?



Space Damsels 04

Length: 15 pages

Format: color pages

Starring: Rui, Ayumi, Yuki, Natalia, Jenla; brief appearence of Rika & Ruki, Ruka

Scriptwriters: Loz/Goldlust
Pencils/inks/colors: LostOneZero
Edits: Goldlust


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