Space Damsels - Mission 3: "A royal reception"


The girls may have dealt with certain technical issues aboard the HMS Dancing Damsel, but their delicate soles aren't out of ticklish danger yet! A strange, whale-shaped craft has the crew locked in a tractor beam, pulling them closer and closer to an uncertain fate in the clutches of unknown captors. When it's revealed that the craft contains an important runaway, the race is on: will the Space Damsels capture this V.I.P. D.i.D., or will they find themselves in some dark dungeon from which their laughter will never escape?


Space Damsels 03

Length: 15 pages

Format: color pages

Starring: Rui, Ayumi, Yuki, Aja, Elvina, Serena, Jang Shee

Scriptwriters: Loz/Goldlust
Pencils/inks/colors: LostOneZero
Edits: Goldlust


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