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Issue 7.5 (artbook)

Not all the perils of space exploration involve slobbering, sharp-toothed aliens and cold, self-pitying robots. In fact, some perils involve fleet-fingered space pirates ready to wrack their captives with unrelenting laughter! From the same creative team that brought you ‘Fantasy Frontier’ comes ‘Space Damsels’, a retro-sci-fi flavored tickling comic focusing on the (naturally) all-female crew of the HMS Dancing Damsel. Fresh from the academy and eager to prove themselves, the rookie intergalactic enforcers—Captain Rui Lycae, Weapons Specialist Ayumi Senzan, and Communications Specialist Yuki Kobayashimaru—are more than willing to put bare soles, delicate underarms, and taut tummies to the feather in the line of duty. Of course, that’s tremendously convenient for the discerning tickle-fan, who will soon learn that in space, no one can hear you laugh…

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