Fantasy Frontier Artbook 3: Summer


Lenght: 26 pages

Format: 1 colored cover, 2 character design pages, 23 colored pages with DiD/Tickling illustrations.


Starring: Elvina, Serena, Fuyu, Rui, Ortega, Lamine, Ramine, Goldie; The rest of the main cast will make a cameo appearence too.
Pencils/colors/concept: LostOneZero
Text/edits: Goldlust

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The dog days of summer have you down? Well, if you’re a royal princess of Darbor, it’s high time to kick off your Keds, slip into your most fashionable pair of flip-flops, and hit the beach! After the ticklish troubles rippling through Fantasy Frontier Second, Elvina and the gang have decided to sprawl out in the sunshine… provided, of course, they don’t feel the drippy, clammy fingertips of some long-forgotten mermaids on their toasty toes! With a sea-witch craving her youth back and the action heating up between training partners, could Fantasy Frontier Summer be the only art-book out there with a "tragic ending"? Pick up the latest offering from the infamous Lost One Zero to see for sure!







Elvina and Serena found some troubles, while Fuyu got a nice tan from a day of training with Rui!


Elvina and Serena found some troubles:

LOT of troubles:

Uh, wait a minute... Elvina and Serena looks a bit...different now??!

While Rui and Fuyu just face their own trining troubles!

And it seems many other characters from the main cast will make a cameo appereance too :)

Copyright 2006- Lostonezero