Loz DiD Guest Book Volume 2


Length: 22 pages (+1 page featuring a list of all artists)

Format: Colored cover + 21 colored pics drawn by 21 different artists

Starring: Aja (Space Damsels), Yuki (Space Damsels), Ayumi (Space Damsels), Syrielle, Rui (Fantasy & Space Damsels), Elvina Nadia, Fuyu, The Cat, Aki, Princess Girl, Power Queen, Iuki, Serena, Iuki, Ortega, Sara, Sheila, Marie, SSibil.

Many artists ;) Scroll below for the full list!

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A 20 pages artbook featuring Elvina and many others among my original characters, drawn by 21 awesome guest artists :)

The featured artists list:

Aja, Ayumi & Yuki by Nomad Syrielle by Nick Law
Rui by Sharpffffff Elvina by Jedi120
Syrielle by Ikelag Nadia & Fuyu by East Coast Canuck
Rui (with Elvina) by Toni Babelony The Cat by Cheunchin
Fuyu by Wing-Saber Nadia, Elvina & Aki by Jitan , Shiro Ouka & Kagyakusetsu
Power Queen & Princess Girl by Elijah Pink Serena by Meteor Reb0rn
Iuki by Shio-bari Ortega, Sara & Sheila by Pumpkinpinup
Sara (with Nenet) by Telikor Power Queen & Princess Girl by BlackProf.
Elvina & Marie by Shaxbert Fuyu & Aki by RocatArt
Syrielle by Rainnear Elvina & SSibil by Rin Satsu
Elvina, Aki & Marie (With Rika & Ruki)l by Nucannon    


Preview pics:



Extra preview for all pics contained in this artbook:



Copyright 2006- Lostonezero