Loz DiD Guest Book Volume 1


Length: 21 pages (+1 page featuring a list of all artists)

Format: Colored cover + 20 colored pics drawn by 20 different artists

Starring: Syrielle, Iuki, Princess Girl, Power Queen, Detective Rui, The Cat, Elvina, Serena, Nadia, Aki, Aku, Rui, Fuyu, Sheila, Sara, Marie, Natalia, Ortega, Aja (Space Damsels), Yuki (Space Damsels), Rui (Space Damsels), Arlyn, Rika & Ruki.

Many artists ;) Scroll below for the full list!

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Cover Price:  $7.95

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A 20 pages artbook featuring Elvina and many others among my original characters, drawn by 20 guest artists :)

The featured artists list:

Syrielle by Drew Gardner Iuki by PawFeather
Power Queen & Princess Girl by 0svaldo Greco Nadia & Ortega by Scamwich
Elvina and Aja by Suichi Tanaka Elvina & Serena by HeartGear
Rui by WossaRem Elvina & Serena by Skelebomb
Aki & Aju by Kidetic Fuyu by Mister Eye
Queen Sara & Sheila by Em-Car Elvina & Serena by Paw
Elvina by Jam Orbital Rui & Yuki by Daikinbakuju
Detective Rui & The Cat by Einom Fuyu, Arlyn Rika & Ruki by Alexi Chabane
Marie & Natalia by Sneak Attack Power Queen & Princess Girl by Yes-I-DiD
Rui & Fuyu by Ravenor11 Elvina by Sleepy Gimp


Preview pics:



Extra preview for all pics contained in this artbook:



Copyright 2006- Lostonezero