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Welcome to ‘Fantasy Frontier’! I’m the dark elf Serena—the only main character of the story, no matter what Elvina might say! ‘Fantasy Frontier’ tells all about my adventures, of course. You see, it all started when I kidnapped the spoiled Princess of Darbor; she did ruin my oh-so perfect plan (Read Chapter 1 if you don’t believe me!), which lead to a lot of mess and problems for me and my powerful sister, the dark mage Syrielle. In fact, that stupid princess decided to try and capture me, using even ninjas to do it! Still, it seems like she’s not the only one with evil plans for us...

Fantasy Frontier’ is a comic made mainly for fun, so we all hope to entertain you too! As written on the disclaimer on the title page (link), this is a D.i.D. (Damsel in distress) and tickling-oriented comic, so you know what to expect! I just hope that I’m the captor more often than the captive (but it seems that those stupid authors have different plan…)!



Hohohoho! I’m Princess Elvina of Darbor Kingdom—the only main character of the story, no matter what Serena might say! I’m trying to capture that stupid dark elf; did you know that she dared to try and kidnap me!?! Before I do anything, though, I should explain something about the comic: the first two chapters are free for reading so you can introduce yourself into Fantasy Frontier world and see with your own eyes what it’s about.

Starting from Chapter 3, however, we decided to sell it online, so here’s an explanation of how the payment system works. Receive it now!
Once you order the ecomic, a download link will be immediately senf to the email address you specify when you order. If you do not receive it, please contact us at
HERE with the subject line "ECOMIC: Did not receive order”.





H-Hello, my name is Marie. I’m just a maid, but it’s my duty to give you all contact information about the guys who are working on the ‘Fantasy Frontier’ project. Here they are:


Lostonezero [story/art/graphic editing/webmaster]

Seifer [Story/editing]

Goldlust [story/editing]