Mankind has only so long to live, but our stuff will go on until the sun burns out. Our electronics, our monuments, our ideas will be there for those who rise up to take our place. Thousands and thousands of years after the last man has breathed his last breath, they rise—the domesticated mammals, the reptiles, the cephalopods. Each genus wants to be the heir to the old Masters, and they battle it out in Afterland, the newest tickling mini-series from the same people who brought you Space Damsels.

For the Kanami, the contentious confederation of mammals, Lieutenant Commander Soukou and Ninja Master Akisu must set aside their differences and work together to protect Allison—a human teenager who’s fallen through a time wormhole—as she travels to Tyrannica and Y’rleh to meet with the reptiles’ and the cephalopods’ representatives. The centuries-old war will be ended bloodlessly, all by Allison’s decision: who will be the appointed heir of the Masters? Allison won’t have it easy, since someone has the human in her crosshairs… Lost One Zero makes his first foray into the furry community in association with Pawfeather Publications, bringing you all the tickling action and tight D.i.D. ties you’ve come to expect! The future is now in Afterland, available for purchase on finer internets everywhere!

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(Special issue with art by PawFeather and bonus illustrations by Loz) (Special issue with art by PawFeather and bonus illustrations by Loz)

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Akisu and Souku tickled by Sathathia and SSybil
Issue 1 cover without graphic
Akisu and Souku early designs
Shelter and Allison tickled NEW